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Free Comic Book Day 2013 comics hulk-smash records at 4.6 million books!

Last year’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY broke records with 3.5 million comic books ordered for the event by comic book stores worldwide. This year though on SATURDAY 4TH MAY, stores will blow that record away with over 2,000 participating stores ordering a massive 4.6million comics to give away to FCBD attendees!

WOW!! It’s not surprising considering that many FCBD books are tying into major film, TV and gaming events. Superman fans will want to grab the DC FCBD special that coincides with the upcoming Superman MAN OF STEEL film, as well as launching the Snyder/Lee SUPERMAN UNCHAINED new ongoing title. Marvel fans will want to pick up the FCBD INFINITY issue, which sets the stage for the major cosmic crossover featuring THANOS later this year. Add to these a THE WALKING DEAD special will highlight an all-new TYRESE story which WILL NOT be reprinted in any TPB or HC collection means that TWD fans will be lining up to grab this issue.

As the 4th May is unofficial STAR WARS Day, Dark Horse Comics has a STAR WARS issue up for selection. Gaming fans can choose a MASS EFFECT or SONIC THE HEDGEHOG comics, and for the kids there’s a plethora of titles to choose from – ARCHIE, SIMPSONS, SPONGEBOB, AVATAR, SMURFS, SESAME STREET, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURLTES to name just a few. 

There are nearly 50 titles on offer this year, and every FCBD attendee in-store at KINGS will be able to walk away with FOUR titles in their hands. Check out all the FCBD titles on offer at KINGS, including a special sneak preview of the blockbuster new monthly series SUPERMAN UNCHAINED starring The Man of Steel by the all-star team of Scott Snyder and Jim Lee and is a the prefect jumping-on point for fans that can’t wait to see Warner Bros. Pictures’ MAN OF STEEL major motion picture!

The issue also includes the first chapter of the Superman: Last Son of Krypton graphic novel, written by Richard Donner and Geoff Johns and illustrated by Adam Kubert, featuring Superman’s epic battle with General Zod and the Phantom Zone villains. 

And of course there’s the special KINGS Comics customised edition will include a special discount for our DC Comics readers…but you’ll have to head into KINGS personally to take advantage of the awesome offer!



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